Tripod Site Light 1800 Lumen 240V

    Tripod Site Light 1800 Lumen 240V



    The Faithfull Site Light provides a high light output combined with the added advantage of a low power consumption and cool running temperature. The lamp die-cast aluminium head and impact resistant glass lens make these a durable lighting solution for both indoor and outdoor use.

    Designed for both commercial or domestic use and features the latest LED lighting technology. The single SMD LED produces a high light output of 1800 lumen with the added advantage of a low power consumption and a cool running temperature avoiding the burn hazards commonly associated with halogen lighting. SMD LEDs are maintenance free and more resilient to impact damage that can cause conventional halogen tubes to fail if a light is hit or knocked over.

    The lightweight super slim lamp head is manufactured from die-cast aluminium and is IP65 rated for water and dust ingress protection. The lamp head is fully adjustable and mounted on a sturdy floor stand for use as a pod light or can be mounted directly on to the telescopic tripod. Two twist grip locks enable the tripod height to be quickly adjusted between 910mm and 1810mm. Supplied fitted with an appropriate approved BS 240V plug.

    Available in Lodge's Homevalue, Athboy.
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