Why are energy efficiency ratings changing?

Energy efficiency labels were introduced around 20 years ago. Products got a ‘A’ for high efficiency, and an ‘F’ for low efficiency. This system became more complicated (and confusing) over time, with ratings of A+, A++ and A+++ being added.

To make things clearer for customers, these A+, A++ and A+++ ratings are being phased out. Refrigerators including fridges, freezers, fridge freezers and wine coolers, washing machines, washer dryers, TVs , monitors and dishwashers will use a simple A to G ranking system instead.

What happens next?

New products that launched between June 2020 and March 2021 will have the current energy ratings on them, but you’ll find labels for both rating systems in the box. This will only happen during this period of transition while the old ratings are being phased out.

From March 2021, products online and in-store will have labels with the new A to G ranking system for energy efficiency.

There'll be some time where brands are still changing things over. Because of that, retailers can sell products that follow the old ratings until 1st December 2021.

 A further significant change is the introduction of a QR code on the top right of the new labels. By scanning the QR-code, consumers can find additional information about the product model, such as data relating to the dimensions, specific features or test results depending on the appliance.