Resolva Weed Preventer 2.5kg

    Resolva Weed Preventer 2.5kg



    • Resolva Weed Preventer reduces the need for hand weeding and the use of weedkillers. It controls more than 20 different types of weeds and lasts for up to 6 weeks.
    • It is a 100% natural formula, so children and pets can use the garden immediately after application. You can manage your weeds the organic way.
    • The regular use of Resolva Weed Preventer forms a physical barrier that stops weeds emerging. In addition to this, Resolve Weed Preventer is effective on more than 20 types of weed including Dandelion, Clover, Annual Meadow Grass and Black Nightshade.
    • Reduced weed emergence and less weeding required for up to 6 weeks after application.
    • Resolva Weed Preventer can be used on the soil around plants in beds, borders, vegetable patches, raised beds and pots.
    • Available in Lodge's Homevalue, Athboy.
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