Mo-Bacter Moss Remover 10kg

    Mo-Bacter Moss Remover 10kg



    • Moss can quickly take over a lawn, bullying out the grass, and making your garden spongy and uneven to walk on. Many people turn to moss killer products to keep this invasive plant at bay, but often with disastrous consequences, where lawns can quickly turn an unsightly black.
    • The good news is that not all moss killers work in the same way. Where black patches do occur, this is usually because the product contains sulphate of iron. But, this isn’t the case with Mo-Bacter.
    • No staining: Many people using moss killers complain that products can cause ugly stains to their paths and patios, and even garden furniture. This is down to the sulphate of iron contained in the products. As is free from this chemical, staining on hard surfaces won’t be an issue you’ll need to contend with.
    • No black, no mess: Mo-Bacter is an organic-based moss killer, which does not contain any chemicals, pesticides or sulphate of iron. Instead, this natural solution consists of a slow-release granular fertiliser. The moss in your garden will greedily eat the potash in the fertiliser, but because it has a low tolerance to the salts in this substance, the moss then perishes naturally. Thus, Mo-Bacter works indirectly to destroy moss, without it turning black or scorching the lawn. Instead, the moss will turn a gentle brown and then it will rapidly disappear, allowing the natural sward of your lawn to flourish.
    • Organic based.
    • Indirect action against moss.
    • Destroys moss with no black debris.
    • No raking out necessary.
    • No staining on hard surfaces.
    • Safe to children and pets (when used correctly).
    • Feeds your lawn for up to 100 days.
    • Will not harm desirable plants.
    • Best results at >12 °C with active growth.
    • Approved by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS).
    • Available in Lodge's Homevalue, Athboy.

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