Lowe Metal and Machinery Paint 500ml

    Lowe Metal and Machinery Paint 500ml



    Lowe Metal and Machinery Paint acts as a primer and topcoat in one. The formulation is similar to Lowe Rust Primer in that it may be painted straight onto rust. The paint reacts chemically with the rust to bind with the surface and prevent any further corrosion. The second coat acts as a further barrier to inhibit further rusting. It nay be used on old or new metal and requires little surface preparation other than the removal of any loose or flakey material. It gives an attractive satin finish.

    • It can be painted straight onto rust and leaves a smooth finish.
    • Primer & Topcoat in one.
    • This metal and machinery paint is based on the traditional Lowe Rust Primer formulation.
    • It offers excellent metal protection across an attractive new range of colours; Black, White, Red (ral 3020), Blue (ral 5010), Green (ral 6002), Slate Grey (ral 7015) and Yellow (ral 1007)

    Available in Lodge's Homevalue, Athboy.
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