Keter Store It Out Max Shed

    Keter Store It Out Max Shed



    Easy to assemble and easy to use, the global best-selling Store-It-Out MAX provides an ideal outdoor storage solution for everything from barbecues to outdoor furniture. Amazingly compact and versatile, this weather-resistant storage unit will keep up to 1200 L/42 cu.ft. of contents fresh and dry. For your convenience, it features front and top opening, a sloped threshold and bin-opening kit.

    • Durable, weather-resistant construction.
    • Sloped threshold makes it easy to wheel items in or out.
    • Built-In shelf support for internal organization.
    • Hydraulic pistons are included for an easy-opening lid.
    • Keeps contents both dry and ventilated.
    • Can be opened from the top or the front.
    • Comes with a bin opening kit - an easy-opening lid with hydraulic pistons.
    • Holds two 240 L/63 G trash cans.
    • Locking made easy with a 'step-on lock.'
    • Easy to assemble.
    • Dimensions: (L)125.0cm, (W)82.0cm, (H)145.5cm.
    • Available in Lodges Homevalue, Athboy.


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