Gorilla Super Glue Gel 15g Bottle

    Gorilla Super Glue Gel 15g Bottle



    Gorilla Super Glue Gel has a non-run control gel formula, allowing controlled application and making it ideal for use on vertical surfaces. The glue bonds in 10 seconds and is impact-tough.

    • Just hold in place for 10 seconds while the formula sets, no clamping necessary.

    • IMPACT STRENGTH - unique rubber particles increase impact-resistance and strength to handle everyday use after your repair is set. 

    • WON'T CLOG - anti-clog tip with metal pin keeps nozzle clean. 

    • EASY TO USE - thick formula, less run 

    • WHATEVER THE SURFACE - use on nearly anything, from wood, metal, ceramics, some plastics, rubber and a whole lot more! (Glass Excluded)

    • For repairs on glass use Gorilla Epoxy 2 Part Resin

    Available in Lodge's Homevalue, Athboy.
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