Gallup Home & Garden 2lt

    Gallup Home & Garden 2lt



    • Systematic Weedkiller for the control of annual and deep rooted perennial weeds. Kills weeds and roots of unwanted vegetation.
    • Gallup Home and Garden contains glyphosate for effective control of annual and deep rooted garden weeds, including grasses, docks, nettles, willowherb, dandelion, bindweed, and many more.
    • Gallop Home and Garden is inactivated on contact with the soil and is broken down by soil organisms to leave no lasting residues.
    • Apply when weeds are actively growing.
    • Spray nettles and ground elder when new leaves have fully unfolded in late spring.
    • Use on a wind free, dry day.
    • NOT for use on lawns.
    • Coverage: Watering Can - 15ml Gallup PLUS 5 litres of water - 25 square metre coverage
    • Knapsack Sprayer - 24ml Gallup PLUS 1 litre of water - 40 square metre coverage

    Available in Lodge's Homevalue, Athboy.
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