Douglas Oxide Paint Mid Grey 2.5lt

    Douglas Oxide Paint Mid Grey 2.5lt



    • Douglas Oxide Paint comes in a range of available colours including Green, Red, Mid Grey, & Black.
    • Douglas Oxide Paint is an agricultural and industrial anti-corrosive oxide. It is a general purpose paint suitable for all surfaces including steel, galvanized iron, blockwork and wood.
    • Alkyd Resin Gloss sheen Finish.
    • Unstable surfaces such as flaky galvanize need to be thoroughly cleaned and primed before oxide is applied. We recommend applying our anti-corrosive light grey primer as a first coat. All other surfaces need to be clean before application.
    • You will need approximately 1 lt of paint for every 5 square meters. It is recommend applying a second coat.
    • Protects against weathering and corrosion.
    • Lead and Chrome Free.
    • White spirits is the best thinning agent for this product if you are applying with a sprayer. If you are using a brush or roller, we recommend that you do not thin out the paint.
    • Available in Lodges Homevalue, Athboy.

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