Candy 8kg Heat Pump Dryer CSE H8A2LE

    Candy 8kg Heat Pump Dryer CSE H8A2LE



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    A heat pump dryer is a type of condenser dryer that recycles heat in the process of extracting moisture from the clothes. It uses a heat pump to heat the air and absorb moisture, then cools the air to remove the condensation, and then reheats and recirculates the air inside the unit. A heat pump dryer is a closed system that does not require ventilation outside.
    • Dryer type: Heat Pump.
    • Capacity (kg) 8.
    • Connectivity: Extra content and proximity control (NFC).
    • Uses IoT App.
    • Simply-Fi.
    • Drum material galvanized.
    • Drum volume (l) 125.
    • Water container in door.
    • Led Electronics.
    • Voltage (V) 220-240.
    • Number of programmes: 15+1.
    • Woolmark Approved.
    • Start delay options (up to 24h).
    • End of cycle indicator.
    • Dryness degree selectable.
    • Drying time selector.
    • Sensor dry.
    • Blocked filter indicator.
    • Full tank indicator.
    • Energy efficiency class A++.
    • Annual Energy Consumption (kWh) 236.
    • Condensation efficiency class B.
    • Energy consumption electric dryer, full load: 1.93.
    • Energy consumption electric dryer, partial load 1.08.
    • Product height with worktop (mm) 850.
    • Product depth (mm) 607.
    • Cabinet depth (without pipes and door) 585.
    • Net weight (kg) 41.2.

    Available in Lodge's Homevalue, Athboy.

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