Tec 7 X-Seal Anthracite

    Tec 7 X-Seal Anthracite



    • Extremely flexible sealant based on MS hybrid polymer that is ideal for use on expansion joints, facade’s and glazing applications where air-tightness and flexible sealing is required.
    • Tec7 X-SEAL is easy to apply, and adheres to most building materials, this combined with permanent elasticity makes for durable joints.
    • Tec7 X-SEAL also withstands harsh weather and wind, UV rays and temperature fluctuations.
    • Safe natural stone sealant for all types of stone such as marble, granite, bluestone, (most) composite materials, concrete, masonry, door sills, window sills & lintels etc.
    • Building mastic sealant for connection and expansion joints in construction and industry applications.
    • Glazing Putty.
    • Sealing of facade and structural elements such as shopfronts, door casings, windows, panels, insulating boards, prefabricated elements, etc.
    • EC1935 ISEGA food contact approval: suitable for use in the food and hospitality industries.
    • Extremely flexible with a satin finish.
    • Airtight.
    • Adheres to most building materials, wet or dry.
    • Perfect for expansion joints, facade’s & glazing applications.
    • Safe & mould resistant.
    • Re-paintable.

      Available in Lodge's Homevalue, Athboy.
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