Sadolin Extra Durable Clear Coat 1lt

Sadolin Extra Durable Clear Coat 1lt

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Sadolin Extra Durable Clearcoat is a unique formulation which offers the performance characteristics of a woodstain with minimal pigment content.
Extra Durable Clearcoat works with the wood by providing a flexible barrier that protects your wood from the damaging effects of rain, moisture and sun/UV light.

Maintenance or top coat for windows and door joinery. Can also be used on cladding and other boarded surfaces. All exterior woodwork excluding decking.

Coverage for each coat
Planed softwood and hardwood joinery up to 15m²/litre

Drying time
Touch dry 4-6 hours
Recoat time 16-24 hours
Available in Lodge's Homevalue, Athboy.

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