Lawn Gold Fertilizer

Lawn Gold Fertilizer

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  • New from Hygeia - an organic based lawn fertiliser. Treats your moss while feeding your lawn with a slow release technology. No raking of treated moss.
  • Perfect lawns made easy. Lawn gold stimulates your lawn the natural way with organic-mineral nutrients. Through Hygeia's Slow Release Technology, it deploys a controlled release of nutrients all season ensuring that the treated area continues to thrive long after it is treated.
  • How to Use: For standard lawns apply evenly at 50g/m2 (bag covers 400 sq metres). Wear suitable protective gloves if handling the granules. For best rex=sults use a lawn spreader. Do not over-apply as scorching may occur.
  • When to Use: Apply when there are normal growing conditions. If conditions are too dry, a little watering in helps to kick start the process. Do not apply during drought or freezing conditions or if the grass is under stress.
  • Why Recommend? Reinforces root structure, helps neutralise acidic soils. Indirect action against moss - no raking out.
  • Size: 20kg Bag

Available in Lodge's Homevalue, Athboy.

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