JML Super Bright Switch Lights

  • €17,95

Super Bright Switch is the handy LED light switch you simply ‘stick and switch’ for super-bright, white LED light anywhere you need it. Styled on a traditional light switch, but with no wiring to worry about and no tools required to install it, Super Bright Switch couldn’t be easier to stick wherever you need light. PLUS, there are three different easy ways to fit Super Bright Switch so you can fit it virtually anywhere, instantly. Super Bright Switch is cool to the touch so it’s perfect as a night light in a children’s room where they can reach it and won’t get burnt. It’s also great as a detachable flashlight, just carry it with you to light your way down dark stairs or into basements and lofts. Super Bright Switch can be used indoors or outside as a porch light or garage light too and, because you get two Super Bright Switches for one great price, you can keep one indoors and one outside.

Available in Lodge's Homevalue, Athboy.

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