Bosch AHM 38G Manual Cylinder Mower

    Bosch AHM 38G Manual Cylinder Mower

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    Anyone who wants to mow small lawn areas conveniently and quietly has just the right tool in the form of the new AHM 38. Thanks to the efficient scissor-like cutting principle, it runs smoothly and produces high cut quality. The height of cut is continuously adjustable. The bottom blade can be easily adjusted by a refined "click" locking system – no tools required.

    Technical specifications.

    • Width of cut: 38 cm.
    • Cutting system: Cylinder blades (4 blades).
    • Weight: 6,9 kg.
    • Height of cut: 12 – 40 mm.
    • Height-of-cut settings: Continuously variable.
    • Lower blade setting: Click lock.
    Available in Lodge's Homevalue, Athboy.
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