Chill Out with an Egg Chair

by Tim Lodge on March 23, 2023

Create a Chill-out Corner with these Egg Chair Idea

Few pieces of furniture can evoke the same notions of relaxed luxury as a simple egg chair. Let’s look at how you could style your home decor with this trendy piece of occasional furniture.


Origins of the Outdoor Egg Chair

The egg chair we speak of is not the Classic Designer Egg chair created in 1958 by Danish architect and designer Arne Jacobsen. We’re referring to the suspended wicker or woven-effect egg chair familiar to those with memories from the 60s and even the 70s.

Nevertheless, it has inspired the outdoor furniture styles we associate egg chairs with today.

This retro style has made a surprising comeback in the 2020s as a patio staple and is also favoured in many GenZ bedrooms.  


Why Do We Love Egg Chairs?

The egg chair is the perfect accessory from which you could enjoy a sleepy afternoon on a hot balmy summer's day and unwind…

Most egg chairs come in wicker-effect and woven styles; they make for the perfect outdoor furniture accessory. Some types come with their standalone suspension system, functioning as a mini swing.

 We love the soothing effect of its cocoon-shaped, womb-like structure. Suspended or hanging egg chairs enhance this feeling even further as the gentle swing creates a Proustian cradle effect.

The perfect place for a little one to settle down for a nap, don’t you think?

It is probably the most inviting piece of statement furniture out there. And now, more affordable  and easy to install than ever. 


Where to Put your Egg Chair

There are many places in your home that a well-positioned egg chair could enhance. It is a versatile statement piece that adds a touch of inviting glamour to your home!


The Outdoor Patio Feature

It’s the perfect accessory for any covered patio lending a relaxed, lounge like vibe to any corner of an outdoor deck, verandah or patio space.

If you have a more extensive property with more substantial outdoor structures, you could suspend it from a sturdy pergola.

You could even hang it from a well-structured gazebo to give yourself countless soothing moments at night time swinging away under the stars on a sultry evening.


The Balcony Accessory

If you live in a smaller property like an apartment - it functions just as well in your balcony suspended in the corner. Use it as an excellent excuse to enjoy the sunset or the view from your balcony.

The Bedroom Book-Reading Corner

This furniture style has also been featured in teenage girls' bedrooms lately, as evidenced by its almost ubiquitous presence in every teen movie or TV series on Netflix…

That is a perfect spot for watching anything online or attending an online class.


The Cosy Corner in the Den

Egg chairs can also be the ideal excuse for turning a corner of any den or lounge area into a cosy reading corner.


The Hallway or Landing Statement Piece

If you have a large hallway with a blank corner screaming for attention or a generous landing with the opportunity for a resting place, then it's the perfect little statement piece of furniture to enhance the blank space. Create a little reading nook in an unused space.

If you had a fixed location for the landline - this would make the perfect accompaniment next to the phone.


How To Style Your Egg Chair Corner

How to style it Outdoors

Egg chairs are perfect for enjoying summer weather outdoors, so here are some ways to make this an oasis of relaxation.

  • Position an outdoor firepit nearby to keep you enjoying it outdoors into the night
  • Bring some outdoor hurricane lamps nearby for some cosy light effects too
  • If using it outdoors, be sure to invest in some weather-resistant base cushions. Dress it up with a warm blanket and some cushions for added comfort
  • String some outdoor fairy lights around the frame to create a magical glow at night. Ideally, use solar-powered lights for a more sustainable solution


How to style it Indoors

These versatile pieces are not just good in warm weather. If you source a portable unit, you can move your egg chair indoors and turn this chill-out zone outdoors into a cosy, snug indoors for sinking into.

Style them indoors in the following ways:

  • Turn it into a warm bowl for hibernating with a book by adding fur throws and cushions to match
  • Have an occasional table nearby for your mug of hot cacao, and create an ambient glow nearby by lighting some scented candles or a glowing room diffuser
  • Place a warm furry rug or textured kilim underfoot to complete this little haven of bliss
  • Bring the outdoors indoors by suspending a hanging plant of ivy nearby with macrame to complete the 70s/60s retro vibe
  • Keep your soft furnishings consistently on a simple colour theme for a more coherent look


The Different Types of Egg Chairs

There's more than one egg chair model to source. You may decide to suspend an egg chair directly from the ceiling ( in which case, you need to check the load-bearing weight and use suitable fixings).

Alternatively, you can take the more accessible, portable route of using a standalone self-mounted model.

Most egg chairs are made with a natural woven rattan or wicker material - alternatively, synthetic rattan or treated/ coated rattan may be used.

  There are many types to pick from in our extensive egg-chair section


Standing Portable Egg Chairs

  • The Standing Egg Chair is a fuss-free, suitably large and comfortably wide model. It is built for any outdoor or indoor space, as it is light enough to move around. It is equipped with Water Repellent and UV Resistant cushions.


Self-mounted and Portable Hanging Egg Chairs

    • The stylish, modern, self-mounted Hanging Egg Chair is ideal for any Indoor or Outdoor space. It also has cushions that are Water Repellent and UV Resistant. It boasts a Max loading weight of - 120kg as a hanging chair. It comes in black, grey, blue and light sage green.

    • For more width and the capacity to fit two regular-sized people, you could go for the Hanging Egg Double Chair. This 2-seater rattan egg chair has outdoor-friendly cushions, making it the perfect place to relax in your garden with a friend or an ideal reading spot for two children.
    • Don't forget to keep it covered in the winter. Invest in a good cover, like the Gartech Egg Chair Cover. Fully waterproof and made from a wind proof durable finish.

    • Wicker Hanging Egg Chair is a large stylish wicker weave hanging egg chair with a sturdier load capacity of 150kg. It also includes a large cushion & head cushion for extra comfort and a super sturdy steel framework.